Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mac Year of The Snake

Mac Year of The Snake

This is a snake-inspired limited edition series is
composed by a group of sexy glittering tone, showing a shiny effect.
Beauty face powder brightens the complexion, the fashion focus of eye shadow to create a distinctive color contrast and the magical stars fine powder to increase the final dramatic effects.
Lightweight fly Alice mascara to enhance the shape of the eyes, lasting waterproof eyeliner to outline the eye corners, the Aqua Lip demonstrated Mizusawa lure lip.
MAC exclusive chic packaging,
containing cosmetic powder, fashion lipstick and
eye shadow decorated with ornate serpentine pattern fashion focus.

MAC fashion focus eye shadow
Once Upon a Time ... metal vanilla color (shiny mercerized)
Aztec Brick Frost Bronze (shiny mercerized)
Altered State Deep Frost Blue Purple (shiny mercerized)
Carbon rich black (matte)

MAC magical stars fine powder
Brash, & Bold bright red
Push the Edge dark purple with pearl

MAC fashion the lipstick
Freckletone peach the red (Shuiyang moist)
Plumful bloom of rosy (Addict moist)
Cockney shiny red and yellow with a three-dimensional the pearlescent (Aqua moist)

MAC Beauty Face Powder
Shell Pearl pink ribbon golden pearl

MAC lasting waterproof eyeliner
Engraved Rich black

The MAC the lightweight fly warped mascara
Zoomblack thick black

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