Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mac Apres Chic dec 2012

• House Wine (Aqua moist)
• Giddy (Addict moist)
• Del Rio (velvet light abundance)
• High Tea (Aqua moist)
• Myth (velvet light abundance)

Lip gloss
• Frankly Fresh (the rice flour ribbon soft pearl)
• Perennial High Style (bright coral)
• Schemer (light tan with pink gold pearl)
• Dreamy (Staphylococcus pink)
• Icescape (soft pink)

Nail polish
• Rougemarie
• Earthly Harmony

• Graphblack (black)
• Brownboarder (dark chocolate)
• Smoothblue (ocean blue)
• Auto-de-Blue (purple)
• Purple Dash (mauve)

Focus waterproof mascara


MAC fashion focus small eye shadow the
• Gleam powder golden (Addict moist)
• Mineralism Brown (Aqua moist)
• Trax the burgundy ribbon Flash (velvet texture)
• Idol Eyes Gold the violet (Shuiyang moist)
• Mythology copper color (Shuiyang moist)
• Fashion rouge
• Melba (soft coral pink)
• Dame (blue pink)
• Harmony (rose pink brown)

Soft mineral repair capacity of cake
Comfort (gold copper)
By Candlelight (golden pink)

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