Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mac Lovely Lips & Mac Lovely Eyes

Mac Lovely Lips & Mac Lovely Eyes

MAC four-color eye shadow
Oh My Darling pink beige (Frost texture) the Jest soft pink ribbon flashing the (Frost texture)
Mineralism, brown belt the flash (Shuiyang moist texture) Showstopper Dark brown (matte texture)
Manila Paper the light gold the (shiny mercerized texture) Goldmine strongly with flash gold (Frost texture)
Honey Lust powder of gold (Shuiyang moist texture) Devilishly Dark reddish brown with gold pearl (Frost texture)
forgery white gold (Aqua moist texture) Melt My Heart in tone silver (the shiny mercerized texture)
Heather Belles blue black (satin texture) Silver Ring carbon black (shiny mercerized texture)
White Rabbit high light powder (Frost texture) Dame's Desire Frost sense of tone reddish purple (Frost texture)
Deep Secret Deep Blue ribbon blue pearl (Frost texture) Hold My Gaze silver green with gold pearl (Frost texture)
Idol Eyes blue-gray (Shuiyang moist texture) Lustre Leaf mint green (Shuiyang moist texture)
Russian Blue dark blue gray (matte texture) Birds & Berries black cyan (shiny mercerized texture)
Pink Freeze bright pink (Frost texture) Bruised Plum blue-violet (the shiny mercerized texture)
Deception bronze (frost texture) Magic Moor black purple (shiny mercerized texture)
MAC 224 the fashion eye palette brush the
M.AC 213 No. fashion eye color brush

Soft lipstick Fun Fun the pink (Addict moist)
Hue soft powder white (silk bright glaze)
Overjoyed the shiny yellow powder ribbon pearl (Aqua moist)
Cheers All Around The bright candy pink (frost texture)
Fresh Salmon orange-red (Aqua moist ) the
Lovelorn Blue Pink Aqua moist
Laugh A Lot plum pink with gold glitter (Addict moist) the
Heartless cherry red (chromogenic fengrun)

MAC, Feng Ying lip gloss, velvet light
Pretty Plush pink belt the pearl
Fullfilled cream pink
Bountiful rich, pearlescent pink tone in
Big Baby pink ribbon pearl
Ample Pink plump, soft pink
Full For You pink with silver pearl

Asia exclusive only

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